Karmanos Academy

Are you interested in making a positive change in your community? Join Karmanos Academy TODAY!

Karmanos Academy is a new way to prepare individuals to teach their communities about cancer prevention, screening, new treatment options, cancer legislation and policy, and MORE.

Benefits of joining Karmanos Academy

  • Training: Learn from cancer center professionals about different cancer related topics.
  • Teach others: Make a difference in the lives of your family, friends and neighbors by sharing your knowledge and passion.
  • Network: Connect with like-minded individuals interested in improving the health of their communities.
  • Recognition: Receive certificates of completion and digital badges that can be shared with others to showcase new skills.

Get involved with Karmanos Academy

The Karmanos Academy is seeking passionate community members to become a Karmanos Academy Lay Health Advisors for their new program Real Talk: Breast Cancer. Real Talk: Breast Cancer is a community-based women’s health video education program about breast cancer that features survivors who talk about their triumph over the disease. The mission of Real Talk: Breast Cancer is to educate and increase participation of breast cancer screening.

Lay Health Advisors (LHAs) will share Real Talk: Breast Cancer with their communities following the completion of trainings. Join us to learn how easy it can be to share health information with your friends and community!

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Apply for Karmanos Academy

For any questions, please contact the Program Coordinator, Madison Pavliscak at pavliscakm@karmanos.org or (313) 576-8869.