Monicur Career Tracking

  • Monicur Career Tracking

    Monicur is a user-friendly online tool designed to monitor your academic and career progress. We implemented Monicur at Karmanos in March 2021 to simplify the data collection process required for our Cancer Center Support Grant. Many other Cancer Centers across the United States also rely on this platform.

    Who Should Enroll?

    We encourage all members of the Karmanos Cancer Institute, including faculty and eligible learners, to join Monicur. If you're interested, please reach out to us at It is likely that you may have already received an invitation email as a part of your training program materials, but please still reach out if you need help.

    What Does Monicur Collect?

    Monicur collects information to build your profile, including publicly available details like your education and whether you are supported by a federally funded project. Some non-public information, such as your lab affiliation, demographic data, and your current involvement in the sciences, is also gathered. Rest assured, your personal email address remains confidential and inaccessible to Karmanos Cancer Institute administrators.

    Enrolling in Monicur

    1. Create your account
      • Look out for the registration link in your email.
      • Follow the email prompts to verify your address.
      • TIP: Students and trainees should use a personal email address for registration, as they may lose access to Wayne State and Karmanos after graduating.

    2. Build Your Profile
      • Complete the profile builder survey.
      • TIP: If you can't find specific options that apply to you in the profile builder, such as a different University Program or education type, email us at to include those details.

    3. Keeping Your Profile Updated
      • Monicur will send you email reminders every 6 months to verify your information.
      • Confirm with a few clicks if everything is still accurate.
      • For more substantial updates, it takes less than two minutes to make changes.

    Identifying Eligible Trainees

    We're also seeking to identify eligible trainees for Monicur. Eligible trainees include students or learners involved in formal career or research programs through Wayne State University and/or Karmanos Cancer Institute, focusing on Oncology or related studies. This includes programs like High School Summer experiences, Undergraduate research projects, Graduate cross-training programs, and more.

    Additionally, any student or learner engaged in informal research activities totaling at least 40 hours per year with faculty qualifies.

    Questions or Concerns?

    If you have any questions regarding eligibility or require assistance with Monicur, don't hesitate to contact Danny Inman, Program Coordinator for the Office of Cancer Research, Training, and Education, at We're here to assist you!