Monicur Career Tracking

  • Monicur Career Tracking

    Monicur is an online database and profile builder that helps track the career development of trainees and faculty as they move through their careers. Karmanos started using Monicur in March 2021 to help automate and centralize metrics of career development. The platform will help us more efficiently gather standardized metrics now required for the Cancer Center Support Grant. Several other Cancer Centers around the United States are using the platform and as the service grows more Centers are expected to join.

    Currently, enrollment is requested for all Karmanos Cancer Institute Members and Oncology faculty. URLs to the Onboarding Survey are being and have been sent to identified faculty, members, students, and clinical trainees. If you think you would like to sign-up, please email:

    Information collected in Monicur

    Monicur asks for data that you input to build a profile. Many questions asked by Monicur are publicly available, like your education, degrees, and if you are a Primary Investigator on a federally-funded project. There are also pieces of information that are not publicly available, like what lab you work in, some demographic data, and if you are still active in the sciences.

    No information is shared by Karmanos, and no information is shared for third-party advertising. Your personal email address is not accessible to Karmanos Cancer Institute administrators. The database is a product of Sour Lemon Digital, based in Iowa City, Iowa. All submitted materials are kept secure on an external server and only used for administrative purposes at Karmanos.

    How Faculty and Trainees can enroll on Monicur

    1. Create your account
      • Check your email for the URL to sign up for Monicur
      • Verify your email address with an automated message, this then launches to the next step.
      • TIP: Students and trainees should use a personal email address to register, since they may be separated from Wayne State and Karmanos after they graduate.

    2. Create your profile
      • Fill out the profile builder survey
      • TIP: If you are not seeing what you need for your situation on the profile builder, like a different University Program, or education type – please email to add your needed selection.

    3. Keeping your profile updated
      • Monicur will email your account about every 6 months to verify your information,
      • If your information is still accurate, a few clicks will verify your information,
      • More substantial updates take less than two minutes to update.

    Karmanos would like to ask faculty and members to identify current trainees who would qualify. Currently we are classifying an eligible trainee as:

    A student or a learner who works with faculty through a formal career or research experience program by Wayne State University and/or Karmanos Cancer Institute.

    Some examples include High School Summer experience/research programs, Undergraduate research projects, Graduate cross-training programs, etc.


    Any student or learner working with faculty in an informal research capacity totaling at least 40 hours a year.

    If you have questions on who qualifies, please reach out to Danny Inman, Program Coordinator for the Office of Cancer Research, Training, and Education,