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Smoking and Lung Cancer

Metropolitan Detroit has the largest population of Middle Eastern/Arab Americans numbering more than 400,000 residents. Given the growing practice of water pipe (WP) smoking, especially among Arab American adolescents, Dr. Rice and colleagues are studying the little known effects of such risk behavior. Compared to cigarette smokers, they expect that WP smoking significantly diminishes lung function and increases health problems among youth. They also expect to see differing patterns, frequency, and intensity of WP use, yet similar or worse health problems as outcomes. The study sites include three public high schools in the Karmanos' catchment area. A detailed water pipe and cigarette smoking "lifetime" history of tobacco use has been obtained from nearly 3000 high school seniors. The 300 students with the longest and most severe water pipe and/or cigarette smoking histories have been asked to participate in saliva cotinine testing (to verify their smoking status) and pulmonary function testing. These students will be compared with nonsmokers matched on key pulmonary function variables (age, gender, height, and ethnicity). The analyses will estimate the effects of smoking status on spirometry outcomes.

  • Lead Researcher: Dr. Rice

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