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Intervention Research with the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Community to Reduce and Eliminate Disparities

Breast Cancer

Our growing ultra-Orthodox Jewish population holds a strong cultural belief about cancer as a stigma on the family, which poses a serious barrier to access to screening, early detection and treatment.  Supported by The Jewish Fund, program members are conducting a community based participatory pilot study designed to improve health knowledge and screening among ultra-Orthodox Jewish women. Using a community based participatory research approach, the survey phase of mahas has concluded. Four hundred and fifty randomly mailed surveys randomized to women in the community; the response rate was 58% (n= 260 women returned the survey). Working with local Jewish community organization, we have also had more than 100 women in the community contact us to participate in the health education program currently being piloted. In addition, program members have added the local Orthodox Jewish schools to engage in this project. On the national level they have engaged with a number of community collaborators in New York, including Bikur Cholim of Borough Park, Maimonides Hospital and Sharsheret (a national organization to education Jewish women about cancer) to educate Orthodox Jewish women about the importance of cancer screening.

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