Proteomics Core

Proteomics Core

Mission of the Core

The mission of the Proteomics Core is to enhance research productivity of researchers the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute and Wayne State University School of Medicine by providing the equipment and expertise necessary for analysis of cellular protein composition and protein-protein interactions. These two objectives require different instrumentation, but they both rely on expertise in protein chemistry, separation and analysis.

The Proteomics Core is supported, in part, by NIH Center grant P30 CA022453 to the Karmanos Cancer Institute at Wayne State University.

Core Services Available

  • Protein identification using nano-LC/MS/MS instruments
  • Protein quantitation using spectral counting or isobaric tags with data acquired on the Orbitrap Fusion and Orbitrap QExactive systems and the Multiple Reaction Monitoring strategy using the TSQ Vantage system.
  • Proteomic profiling using two-dimensional chromatographic separations or MuDPIT technologies
  • Analysis of post translational modifications using nano-LC/MS/MS with fragmentation by CID, HCD and ETD
  • Robotic sample preparation using the AssayMap Bravo robot.
  • Sample fractionation Alkaline Reversed Phase spin columns.
  • Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) using a Biacore 3000.  Investigators performing SPR analysis must have appropriately trained personnel
  • Biolayer Interferometry (BLI) for molecular interaction analysis using an Octet Red96.
  • Data Analysis using MaxQuant, Mascot, Sequest, X!tandem and Peaks algorithms with data compilation and secondary analysis using Scaffold.


  • Thermo Orbitrap Fusion nano-LC/MS/MS with ETD
  • Thermo Orbitrap QExactive nano-LC/MS/MS
  • Thermo Finnigan TSQ Vantage triple quadrupol nano-LC/MS/MS
  • AssayMap Bravo sample preparation robot
  • HPLC system for peptide purification, which includes UV and Fluorescence Detectors
  • Biacore 3000 for molecular interaction analysis by Surface Plasmon Resonance
  • Octet Red96 for molecular interaction analysis by Biolayer Interferometry 


Paul Stemmer, Ph.D.
Director, Proteomics Core

Joseph Caruso, Ph.D.
Co-Director, Proteomics Core

Proteomics Core Selected Publications

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